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Super Principia Mathematica

The Rage to Master
Conceptual & Mathematical Physics

The Super Principia Mathematica presents physics and mathematics in the form of simple math models, pictures, definitions, and aphorisms; where anyone with an understanding of algebra and basic calculus can work out the equations laid out in each chapter, that will help to explain the mysteries of the workings of the Universe.

Currently, the Super Principia Mathematica is available in three (3) volumes.

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**Press Release**

**(1) General Relativity Book Review**

**(2) General Relativity Book Review**

Volumes Available

What is the "Super Principia Mathematica - The Rage to Master Conceptual & Mathematical Physics?

The Super Principia Mathematica is in general a "Theory of Everything (TOE)" described in several volumes. In the Super Principia series of works you will find many conceptual and mathematical models which unveil new insights into the physics and mathematics of the universe.

The book series is named the "Super Principia Mathematica - The Rage to Master Conceptual & Mathematical Physics", because the goal was to present physics similar to the way that Sir Isaac Newton introduced his new concepts of physics in his Principia Mathematica published in the year 1687.

The Super Principia Mathematica is a body of volumes of work that cultivates mathematics, and conceptual physics into beautiful models of the mechanics of nature.

The main difference between Newton's Principia Mathematica and the Super Principia Mathematica is that Newton conveys physics and mathematics to the reader through the use of laws, axioms, definitions, propositions, and Lemmas.

However, in the Super Principia, only laws, definitions and aphorisms are used to convey the same sort of message.

The Super Principia was written for anyone that is fascinated by physics, and the incredible way in which nature allows anyone to conceptualize a mechanical process, build a mathematical model, which makes prediction of the process, and finally tests the theory or model with experimentation, to determine the accuracy of the prediction.

Similar to Isaac Newton's "The Principia Mathematica" this book is not designed to be read straight through like a novel, but to be studied and cross referenced with other material, as well as other volumes of this work, based on a specific concept one is investigating.

This book was written to be read by anyone with a minimum high school level physics education, and some basic understanding into algebra, geometry, differential calculus, and integral calculus.

However, this book is not intended to act as a course in basic physics, but to act as a means of giving the reader a deeper understanding of concepts that one is generally familiar; as well as introduces new physics models and new calculations into those generally familiar concepts.

In just about every chapter is introduced new physics models and calculations.

The author of the Super Principia hopes that the reader enjoys this work, because it is considered art, as well as science. I earnestly ask that everything be read with an open mind and that the shortcomings in any of the subjects addressed, which are new concepts, may be not so much reprehended as investigated, and kindly supplemented, by new endeavors of the readers.

The Mathematics of Physics, are the tools that God gave man that he may understand, describe, and predict the great works of God's created universe.

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