Super Principle Relativity Theory – Part #2

After 100 Years of General Relativity Theory its Time for Super Principle Relativity Theory


The Super Principle Relativity Theory is a hydrodynamic field theory, which models “Gravitation” and the “Vacuum”, in the conceptual and mathematical framework of a variable density compressible ideal gaseous fluid. In contrast to General Relativity Theory which is a field theory, that models “Gravitation” and the “Vacuum”, in the conceptual and mathematical framework of a fixed density “frictionless incompressible fluid medium” or “incompressible liquid medium”.

This Part #2 sets to prove the compatibility of Super Principle Relativity Theory – Hydrodynamic Gravitation Field theory, with the currently accepted General Relativity Theory – Gravitation Field Theory. This is accomplished by using the mathematical framework established in Part #1, and deriving a Ricci Curvature that is time-like. And deriving the well-established Einstein styled Gravitational Field Equations.

Click to access dOheHcBUic.pdf

Keywords:  General Relativity, Ricci Curvature, Einstein Field Equation, Euler-Lagrangian Field Theory, Classical Field Theory, Einstein Field Theory, Gravitational Field, Vacuum Energy Density, Hydrodynamic, Gravitation

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