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  1. William Dykes says:

    I am very interested in your concepts. What is your relationship to Mr. Vernon Brown.
    What do you think of the “Electric Universe” concept. I would be very interested in hearing what the mainstream physics community thinks of your work.

    I think you are being used by God to illuminate this world in these the last days.

    I am in the process of writing a book myself and came across your work in the process of researching.

    I am looking forward to purchasing your book

    • I came across Vernon Brown’s work in the year 1990. Although his work was not mainstream, I felt that Brown fully grasped the concept that the electromagnetic amplitude or radius/diameter of particles such as hadrons and leptons (protons and electrons) was determined by a photon being bent into a closed photon orbit. And once this photon was phase locked into a stable resonating loop with a specific frequency given by (E/h = mc^2/h = f) it would exhibit the properties of mass; for example the mass of the electron.

      I am still waiting for Vernon Brown to produce his first book.

      I am familiar with the “Electric Universe” concepts and I like them. What I like about the “Electric Universe” concepts, is that those models point to an aether prevading the entire cosmos. Vernon Brown is really the champion of the “Electric Universe” models but very few have caught on yet!

      I don’t know about God using me in the last days? But I can see his handywork in the universe through the math and physics; and would like to share that vision with others. However, the Super Principia Mathematica is not a religious treatise. There is nothing religious in the Super Principia, except for the Prologue.

      Here is a review of “The General Theory of Relativity”

      • All, there was a book review article posted on SlashDot.org. The author is thankful for SlashDot.org running the article.


        However, 99% of the comments were from those that have not read the book. I would be ok, with people hammering the book negatively if they read the book. No one can judge a book by its cover!

        Also, there were lots of comments for using a paid book review service. The Flying Car Publishing Company selected a paid book review service because they would not know anything about the author, or be affiliated in any way; and that it would be an unbiased review. That is what the publisher paid for. An unbiased review, and the pay is really just to move the book review to the top of the book review pile.

        Also I understand that everyone is totally busy in life these days. Raising families, going to school, work, and a bad economy to boot! To take the time to read someones book requires time and energy. If I am going to take the time out of my busy life to write a review of someones book, I too would want to be paid! It would be fair and unbiased, but my time is precious, and cost; and so is yours! 🙂

        The author sees no problem paying a book review company for their unbiased book review. I wish that there were more companies like PacificBookReview.com

        First, I would like to start by stating that I am no “Crack Pot” as far as someone that is coming from “Left Field.”

        If I am a crack pot it is in the fact that I spent twenty two years of my life in independent study of physics; that would make anyone a crack pot, in my book! So from that perspective I am a crack pot.

        Second, the Super Principia Mathematica is serious hard core physics, and not a religious treatise. There is no mention of God or the creator of the universe anywhere in the work besides in the Prologue of the volumes.

        I read a post on SlashDot from a reader that stated, “Why muddy the waters of science with religion, and why put that in the book?”

        I debated for over a year as to whether to put the Intelligent Designer Theory, origins of the Big Bang into the Super Principia. I concluded that to describe physics, we would have to have cause for the physics of the universe in general.

        And, what my research revealed was that the Big Bang was first proposed by Moses in the Bible’s book of Genesis.

        Stephen Hawking has decided that the Big Bang spontaneously came into being though evolutionary processses of the universe; without the need for a God.

        And I somewhat agree with him. We don’t need to mention God to discuss physics. We can make calculations and predictions of the workings of the universe without the need for muddying the waters with religion and physics.

        But we must remember that physics is also natural philosophy, so to mention something metaphysical like God or a Creator of the Universe is perfectly allowed, as long as your whole theory is not based on Him being involved; for the math and physics to work.

        Lastly, the Super Principia Mathematica is suppose to be a modern version of Isaac Newton’s Principia Mathematica; it just so happens that Newton and I share a common belief or faith in a creator God. And similar to Newton this does not get in the way of our mathematical prowess or understanding of the physics of nature.

        Finally, the author would also like to state that he has no affiliation with the Pacific Book Review company.

        There are additional reviews of the books that will be forth coming shortly.

        To the reader, so far everyone that is reviewing the books are sending me emails, telling me about how they love the books.

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